What is a Computer Health Check?

A computer health check is a type of maintenance that tells us how your computer is functioning. It includes a series of tests to determine whether upgrades are needed, malware is present, or temporary files can be deleted in order to improve a computer’s performance.

You can arrange a health check by phoning or emailing us and we’ll either schedule a visit or a time in which we can perform a health check remotely through our TeamViewer software. You also have the option of bringing your computer or desktop to us, but this is never a requirement.

What Does a Computer Health Check Include?

We offer health checks with software that will identify a range of potential issues. Our standard one-off fee is just £45 + VAT.

For this, we do the following:

  • Check that software and drivers are up to date
  • Check that valid Anti Virus/Anti Malware/Spyware/Firewall Software is installed and up to date
  • Check hardware functioning within normal parameters
  • Check back up functionality
  • Check for registry errors
  • Check for start-up file/program issues
  • Install relevant software and updates
  • At the end of the health check we will issue you with a report of our findings and recommendations

Benefits of a Computer Health Check

Health checks help to keep your computer running at peak performance. There are a number of issues that can be addressed which will slow down the speed and decrease the performance of your computer.  Also, if there is a problem with the health of your computer, we can diagnose and address it before a parts failure or more serious fault occurs. This includes checks for viruses or spyware, which can lead to data corruption, identity fraud, and theft.

Issues found during health checks don’t necessarily require additional expense. For example, your desktop or laptop may be overheating due to a build-up of dust and debris. Cleaning the keyboard and fan ventilation system may be all that is needed.

How Often Should I Get a Computer Health Check?

A computer health check should be done at least once a year. We offer maintenance packages for individuals and business that include computer health checks as part of our regular servicing contracts.

For more information on our computer health checks, or on any of our services, contact Acomputerfield today.