We offer competitive pricing on professional iPad, iPhone and iPad mini screen repairs in our Hertfordshire location. Touchscreen glass devices are delicate; they require the experience and precision of an expert. While there are ads and forums online that describe the ease of which you can replace your screen, it is not recommended. Attempting to make screen replacements on your own can lead to expensive and/or permanent additional product casualties.

iPad Repair

When your iPad glass is cracked, the experience is annoying, can be dangerous (if the spiderweb begins to shatter), and puts your iPad at risk for further, more expensive impairment. Apple warranties will not cover cracked glass repairs. They do allow you to trade in your iPad but most people are uncomfortable with the thought of all of their personal information (contacts, photos, emails, etc.) being swapped for a new model (which is expensive anyway). In this day and age, data security is more important than ever.

We will determine if the LCD (or lower) screen, the digitiser (top screen), or both, have lost functionality. Simply put, if the display isn’t working, you are likely to need an LCD repair. If touch display is disabled, you are likely to need to replace the digitiser. There are additional exceptions depending on the level of damage.

iPhone Repair

Your iPhone can be the lifeline to running your household, managing your business and keeping in touch with your family and loved ones. When the screen gets dropped, smashed or cracked, you just want it back to original form with as little inconvenience and expense as possible.

We offer fast, proficient screen repairs and replacements on all iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini models. For more information on our screen replacement services, please contact Acomputerfield here.