For over a decade we’ve been repairing games consoles using authentic parts and the experience of our skilled technicians. The results amount to fast repairs on your gaming system at low prices.

We consult with you for free and treat each gaming console as if it were our own. We offer game console repairs on Nintendo, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xboxes.

Nintendo Repairs

Nintendo systems can experience a variety of symptoms that may indicate repairs are needed.  These include clicking noises while you are playing games, the console freezing, or the device turning on but not displaying a picture on the screen. There may also be issues that require fixing if your disc doesn’t spin or if the system isn’t registering a disc.

We offer Nintendo repairs for Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES), Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii mini and Nintendo Wii U gaming systems.

PlayStation Repairs

Like other gaming systems, PlayStations have a history of overheating in its original models due to poor placement of the laser and cooling vents, in combination with a case and movable parts which were entirely made of plastic. Though later models were more intelligently designed, there are issues that may indicate a need for repair. These include games not loading, ticking noises in the unit, failure to read the memory card, and the device resetting itself during games and the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD), among others.

Xbox Repairs

Like the PlayStation, initial Xbox versions had issues with overheating due to the design and materials used.  It also had a powerful processor that created large amounts of heat. This manifested in malfunctioning such as chronic disc reading errors, blinking light codes, error lights (such as the Red Ring of Death), ports shorting out, disc drives failing to open and the device simply refusing to turn on. All are signs that you may need a professional games repair technician.

We always recommend that gamers don’t try to fix their consoles themselves unless they have professional experience. Self-repair can often lead to larger, more permanent damage. Plus, there isn’t a reason to! We have professional games console repairs specialists at our workshop in Hertfordshire, offer competitive pricing, and will never charge you unless the problem is fixed. For more information, contact Acomputerfield here.