At Acomputerfield, we advise on the best IT network to meet the requirements of your home or business. We begin by assessing your needs and objectives and then make recommendations that provide the best fit. We will never offer you services or products that are unnecessary or overpriced.  Part of our great customer service record is dependent on integrity and respect; our company values since our family owned business began.

Examples of IT Networks

There are a variety of IT networks out there.

Some examples include:

  • PAN or HAN (Personal Area Network or Home Area Network): a single network organised around one or more individuals and typically one computer that can be accessed by a variety of devices (tablets, phone. iPads etc.) Benefits include uploading photos from your phone to your desktop, streaming movies online to your TV, and sending documents to your printer from anywhere in the home.
  • LAN (Local Area Networks): LAN typically are used in a single office building or within a small group of buildings to share files, store data and operate hardware such as office printers. You can use it for 2 computers or for thousands of computers. It’s ideal for sharing information with people within the business, rather than with the rest of the world. Homes can also have LAN networks.
  • WAN (Wide Area Networks)- extends over a large area such as when businesses have offices within an entire country or in several countries throughout the world. Can consist of smaller networks such as multiples LANs.
  • Intranet: Is a local network that offers communication capabilities only to an organisation’s staff. This often consists of a private network that is created using World Wide Web software, where traffic is limited and only group specific information is available. It may consist of many interlinked Local Area Networks (LAN).
  • Internet: a wide network of unlimited users, open for use by everyone and often containing a large number of intranets.
  • Virtual Private Networks: This is a web-based network (as opposed to a physical network) that links computers in order to share information. Many are encrypted for privacy, which is something that benefits home users and businesses alike.

Setting Up Home IT Networks

We can visit you for a free consultation on your IT network set up requirements. This may include configuring the broadband router or network switch for a shared internet connection or connecting devices to a single network (in which there are desktops, laptops, printers, routers, etc.). We can help with enabling your device passwords and will fully document your network and security settings.

Home IT networks allow you to share files, print, create back-ups, use other devices such as scanners and DVD burners, share a broadband connection, support multi-player gaming, provide internet based telephone calls and sync with home entertainment devices such as DVRs, video and music sharing. Both wired and wireless networks have their own benefits and drawbacks. We can discuss with you the pros and cons of each and leave you with solid information in which to make the best decision. Sometimes it’s better to have a combination of wired and wireless.

Setting Up Business IT Networks

Our business IT network services help you to improve efficiency and cut unnecessary costs. We only concentrate on the network solutions that best meet the needs of your company. Once set up, these networks are adaptable, should you require a change in your IT solutions.

We offer the following set up solutions for businesses:

  • Cabling and wiring solutions
  • Wireless LAN
  • Email
  • WAN (Wide Area Network) solutions
  • Data storage and backup
  • Full optimisation
  • Complete network & system analysis

Whatever your set up needs entail, Acomputerfield is here to help you with free visits and consultation and a no fix, no fee guarantee.  For more information on IT network set up, contact Acomputerfield here.