Do you need parts for your laptop? Whether there’s surface damage or some internal components could use a replacement, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the laptop brands we work with:

  • Apple
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • Fujitsu
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Toshiba

 A Few of the Laptop Parts We Source

We can source any and all of the laptop parts that you need. We’re also happy to provide information on the type of part you need. The following list of components includes some of the ones we sell most frequently.

  • LCD Screens: Are mounted inside the display panel and need to be replaced when cracked.
  • RAM: RAM is memory. It can be replaced or upgraded and there are different types and compatibilities. Ask us and we can help you find the RAM you need!
  • Cooling Fans: An essential component, the cooling fan keeps the computer from overheating.
  • Optical Drives: Also known as CD/DVD drives, this component enables you to read and write information from discs. You can get one with a SATA or regular connector.
  • Main batteries: These provide power to the laptop when it’s switched off or not connected to an outlet.
  • Keyboards: These are connected to the motherboard and are the source of the most input.
  • CPUs: The data processor of your laptop. Faster CPUs will increase speed and performance.
  • Motherboards: Your laptop’s main logic board, to which all internal components are connected.
  • Hard drives: This is where most information on your laptop is stored. Two types are SATA and IDE hard drives. Ask us about the difference!
  • RTC Batteries: Provides power to the CMOS chip when laptop isn’t connected to a power source (wall unit) or when it is turned off.
  • Web cameras: Web cameras are built into a board that is separate from the LCD screen.
  • FL Inverters (screen inverter board): This powers the backup lamp inside the LCD screen.
  • CCFL Tubes (screen backlight lamp): The biggest source of light for the LCD screen; when this fails, the entire LCD needs replacement.
  • Video (or screen) cables: Carries data to the LCD screen from the motherboard.
  • AC/DC power adapters: These convert voltage from AC to DC power.
  • Display hinges (screen hinges): Hinges that connect the base assembly to the display panel.
  • Sound Boards: These are most often part of the motherboard (rather than a separate unit). If so, volume control, headphone and microphone jacks are soldered to the motherboard.
  • Video Cards: These are either separate parts or integrated into the motherboard. When they are separate they can be replaced without having to replace the entire motherboard.
  • Laptop Cases: The top, bottom surround of laptop can all be replaced.
  • DC Power Socket: This is the entrance that houses the power adapter to charge the laptop. This can become lose from the motherboard and prevent charging this can be replaced by soldering back onto the motherboard.

For more information on these and additional parts that we sell, contact Acomputerfield by clicking here.