We stock every PC part that you could possibly need and can usually get you your part the next business day when you order prior to 4:30 pm. Our knowledgeable staff can also answer questions on our support line about the parts you need and their various capabilities, warranties, etc.

The following is a list of some of the PC parts that we can source for you:

  • Cables– cable networks, USB cables, audio and video cables
  • Sound cards: for improving audio quality
  • SSD- Solid State Drive or Hard drive(s): most use SATA interface and a minimum of 500GB is recommended
  • Speakers: we recommend always getting speakers that match your needs. What is sufficient for one person isn’t enough for another
  • Screen (LCD): come in all varieties such as standard, high-definition and glare protected.
  • Keyboards: Bluetooth, USB, or proprietary wireless options and available in standard or customisable formats
  • Mice: again are usually proprietary wireless, USB or Bluetooth
  • Optical drives (DVD burner or Blu-ray): come in a variety of options such as Blu-ray for high definition LCD screens
  • Surge Protectors: in the event of a power outage, these protect your computer from crashing
  • Network Interface Cards: your motherboard may or may not include one. These come in different specs and aren’t needed if you are solely operating on WiFi
  • WiFi cards: have to be formatted to the right access point or router
  • USB2 cards: these help add extra ports to your motherboard and are also good if your motherboard doesn’t have USB
  • Operating System Software: Windows is one example, but there are others and we can advise on which is right for you
  • Modems: connect your ISP through your phone line for dial-ups
  • Printers: ask us for advice on the best version and model for your needs
  • Scanners: excellent for scanning documents and often combined with printers
  • Webcams: are separate from the LCD screen and come in a variety of models
  • ATX tower (or mid-tower) cases: different sizes will require less bank balance and desk space
  • Power Supply: more power is not necessarily better; check the connectors to make sure it is compatible and opt for continuous output rather than peak power
  • CPUs: are essentially the brain of your computer
  • ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) Motherboards: a motherboard configuration created by Intel, which improved the interchangeability of parts and standardisation
  • RAM / Memory: storage that helps the computer run faster and can be upgraded as needed
  • Graphics/video cards: generates the images displayed on your screen
  • Cooling / Fans: Keeps the computer from overheating

These are just a few of the popular items we source for PCs.  For more information on a part you require or to schedule a free consultation, contact Acomputerfield here.