We offer IT network services which include server builds, server set up, cloud computing set up, IT network set up, IT network maintenance and maintenance contracts. The following is a brief summary of each.

IT Network Set Up

We can consult on and set up a variety of IT networks for your home or business.

This may include:

  • Configuring the broadband router or network switch for a shared internet connection
  • Enabling device passwords
  • Installing security settings
  • Connecting devices to a single network

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of wired verses wireless connections. Everything we do will be documented. You’ll have the support and skills of an IT professional with over twenty years of experience.

IT Network Maintenance

IT network maintenance provides you will invaluable monitoring, protection and repair of your network. This may include security updates, upgrades, and general proactive system management that will keep your IT network running smoothly.

IT Maintenance Contracts

Acomputerfield can offer standard and bespoke maintenance contracts for your home or business IT networks. This provides you with peace of mind should something go wrong, as well as the knowledge that your systems are updated and secure.

Cloud Computing Set Up

Cloud computing has its advantages for homes and businesses. It can be adjusted as bandwidth changes, is automatically updated and provides back up in the event of fire, flooding, theft or equipment failure. It’s also affordable and subscription based.  Many businesses today are using cloud computing. If you need help getting started, we’re here to get your cloud computing up and running.

Server Builds

We can build servers to exact specification, so that you have exactly what you want; a reliable network with secure, top grade hardware. Whether for your home or business, a custom built server can fit your needs at a price that is competitive.

Server Set Up

Perhaps you just need your server set up.  We can provide initial set up and configuration of servers for your home or business that includes server installation and connection, set up of wired and wireless networks and IT relocation.

Our IT network services are substantial, professional and cost efficient.  For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact Acomputerfield today.