Acomputerfield offers a range of PC repairs for home and business computers in order to keep them working to their fullest, most efficient capacity. The following includes some of the issues that we identify and fix. Remember that we offer free consultation visits with no obligation attached. For any work performed, we maintain a strict ‘no fix, no fee’ guarantee.

Virus and Spyware Removal

We have a variety of sophisticated solutions and an excellent recovery rate for removing viruses and spyware from your PC. Without professional help, attempts to remove spyware can result in the malware replicating itself.  Let us take a look at your virus and spyware issues and let you know how we can help.

Hard Drive Repairs/Replacements

We offer hard drive repairs and replacements as needed. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll let you know what can be done on your hard drive. We also provide data recovery services.

Internet Problems

We understand the need to stay connected and can help with internet problems of all types. This includes 3G or 4G (USB) connections, cable or fibre-optic issues, and ADSL connections. With decades of experience, we can get your home or business IT connection up and running quickly and efficiently.

Memory Upgrade

You may require a memory upgrade if your memory needs change. Adequate memory will allow your computer to run efficiently and smoothly. Too little memory can cause it to become sluggish or unresponsive.

The follow is a list of symptoms that may indicate you require a memory upgrade:

  • A message states that you are ‘out of memory’ or ‘low on memory’
  • Your computer is experiencing slow response and load times
  • Navigating different computer operations slow the computer dramatically
  • Web pages take a long time to display all of the information on them, sometimes showing blank spaces where data should be
  • Your computer ‘freezes’ (will not operate) temporarily

If needed, we can provide simple upgrades, which will get your computer back to peak performance.

Power Button/ Straight Case Replacement

Power buttons and straight cases can wear out.  You can usually tell if your computer’s reset switch is able to start the PC, but the power button doesn’t.  We offer a free consultation and, if necessary, provide power button and straight case replacement.

Power Supply Replacement

At some point, you may need to replace your power supply.  This is especially true of store bought pcs that are sold with a generic power supply that isn’t suitable for high-end applications.  Stability issues can occur if your power supply is inadequate.  This can happen when you make upgrades to your PC.  We can help by selecting a new power supply that meets your requirements, and making the replacement.

USB Repair

There are typically 2-6 USB ports on your computer, in which a wire called a USB connector can connect hardware (such as a printer). If your USB breaks down and requires repair, we can help.  When needed, we also repair and recover data from USB memory sticks, also referred to as ‘flash drives’ or ‘jump drives’.

For more information on any of our PC parts or computer services, contact Acomputerfield today.