IT Networks are one or more computers, servers, or other devices that are linked together and therefore able to exchange data. In this day and age, the smooth functioning of IT networks is becoming indispensable, both for homes and businesses.

Acomputerfield offers services to set up your IT network. However we don’t just stop there. We also offer IT Network maintenance contracts and service agreements in which we care for the health and integrity of your IT system.

What Are IT Network Maintenance Services?

The technology in an IT network allows users to share, process and store data. When you hire IT maintenance services, you are investing in the management, protection, and repair of that network. This may include upgrades, information security updates, and working out any glitches that occur along the way.

With over twenty years of experience working with both large corporations and individuals, we have a combined knowledge of business and home user needs that helps inform us on the best IT management solutions. IT has evolved, and we’ve grown with it.

Examples of IT Network Maintenance

Examples of IT network maintenance may include hardware and software installation, upgrades and replacement. It also includes proactively monitoring and reacting to system or network alerts, such as troubleshooting potential issues, keeping tabs on the direction and flow of traffic, and verifying performance of devices within the network.

We can maintain network documentation that is helpful without being overwhelming or excessive.  In terms of security, we can assess potential internal or external threats and react accordingly. For businesses, compliance with legal regulations and corporate policies are a vital part of the everyday operation of IT network maintenance.

Another core network maintenance responsibility for homes and businesses includes scheduling back-ups and restoration services. Finally, we update device configurations- as devices are added or changed, we schedule their maintenance tasks and back them up to an alternative location.

At Acomputerfield, we can tailor your IT network maintenance to serve your business needs. For more information, contact Acomputerfield here today.