We offer IT training with hardware and software specific courses to home users and businesses throughout Hertfordshire. This may be for a single person or an entire class of individuals looking to transform their performance or simply gain a little practical experience. Our training programmes and lessons are custom built to create learning solutions that make a lasting impression on your IT performance.

Personal IT Training Courses

Whether you have never used a computer before or you are an experienced user who is looking for more to learn, we can help you with bespoke IT training courses. Our IT courses are for individuals of all ages, from teenagers to pensioners.

Some of the topics we teach may include:

  • Software programs such as Microsoft Word or Windows Excel
  • How to effectively use search engines
  • Data storage options including cloud storage
  • Cyber security
  • Messaging
  • Email options, settings, short-cuts, and best practices
  • Website templates

Business Training Courses

We develop training courses for corporations that are delivered to groups as well as one-on-one to business professionals. Software and hardware training are brought to your business, so there is never a need to lose valuable travel time and costs. We have flexible scheduling and over twenty years of experience working in the private and corporate IT sector. This ensures that you are working with a professional who understands the field and a variety of IT material.

Some of the topics of our business IT training courses include:

  • Various operating systems
  • Software applications
  • Business applications
  • Cloud computing
  • Hardware
  • Cyber security
  • Systems management
  • Virtualisation and storage
  • Data management

We have patient, knowledgeable professionals who are not only skilled in IT, but have excellent interpersonal and teaching skills. This makes all the difference in IT training. For more information on our IT training services, contact Acomputerfield by clicking here.