About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the process of storing data via the internet, instead of on a hard drive or server. You are already using cloud computing in a number of ways, including updating your Facebook status, checking emails via your mobile and banking online.

It’s not just home users who are engaging in cloud computing. It’s estimated that 90% of UK businesses are using cloud services.

Benefits of Cloud Computing?

With cloud computing, you don’t need to hire IT staff for ongoing server maintenance. The equipment and software automatically updates itself. It also stays flexible with your home or businesses bandwidth demands. IT directors have dubbed this advantage ‘operational agility’. It even provides back up in the event of an equipment failure, theft, or natural disaster.

Cloud computing is an affordable option that is subscription based. For a monthly or yearly fee, subscribers can share files and photos, and edit documents in real-time. This option can be used anywhere in which there is an internet connection. For some companies, cloud computing gives them the advantage of offering telecommuting to their employees. Small businesses can better compete with larger competitors, because they have similar functionality at affordable rates.

Finally, cloud computing offers energy use that fits the changing needs of your home or business. This reduces your carbon imprint and helps you do your part for the environment.

What You Get With Our Cloud Computing Set Up

We’ve spent over a decade perfecting our cloud computing set up.  Specifically, these are some of the advantages of cloud computing with us.

  • Daily, automatic offsite backup to TWO datacenters located in the UK (see http://www.backupvault.co.uk/our-infrastructure). Many providers are in the USA using shared storage.
  • Encryption during transfer AND at rest using a 256bit AES key that only you know (see http://www.backupvault.co.uk/online-backup-security). Many others only encrypt during the transfer.
  • 24 hour UK based telephone and email support
  • Reports can be created to email you each day with the status of each backup account

We only use Attix5 software and have done so for over 13 years. We have tried almost all other backup software and continue with this one as it “just works”. When testing other backup software be sure to see how it handles Exchange/SQL databases and large 5GB+ files.

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