Benefits of Our Custom Built PCs

Our custom built PCs are built by a single system builder. Whether your old computer is being left in the dust, or you just fancy an upgrade, sometimes you need to start over with a brand new PC.

Creating your own PC means that it’s tailor-made to suit your own online activities and user habits; if you play games, edit your own photographs, like to watch movies, or just want a reliable PC for working from home, we’ll make sure that it’s purpose-built around your needs.

You don’t even need to know much about PCs for us to start building – just talk to us about what you’ll use it for, and we’ll figure out how much RAM you need, which graphics cards are best, and everything else that goes into creating the perfect system for you.

Off-the-shelf computers can leave you paying over the odds for underpowered and obsolete technology. So talk to our experts instead and find out how you can benefit from a bespoke product.

What Goes Into Building a PC?

Building a computer from scratch is a slightly longer and more consultative process than just buying a machine off the shelf, but it is definitely worth the additional effort.

After speaking with you, we’ll decide on:

  • The processor (otherwise known as the CPU or the ‘brain’ of your computer)
  • The motherboard (which connects all of the components)
  • The case
  • The RAM (or memory)
  • The graphics card (also known as the GPU)
  • The hard drive(s) (these store all of the data, and works as the computer’s short term memory)
  • The optical drive (also known as the CD/DVD drive) – you may not even need an optical drive, depending on what you use the computer for
  • The power supply
  • Your keyboard, mouse, and monitor
  • Peripherals such as Bluetooth cards, internal SD card readers, web cams, and optional extras

All of these decisions depend on what you need your computer to do and your budget.

Custom Built PCs

Our PC experts will put twenty years of experience to work for you, creating a PC that meets your every requirement. Whether you need a work PC capable of handling client accounts, office software and communications applications, or a home PC to act as an entertainment hub, we’ll provide you with something that fits the bill.

And it could cost you significantly less than you might think. In fact, building a custom computer can save you money since you won’t be paying for things you don’t need such as a top of the range CPU. We’ll only recommend things that will make a real difference to your own activities, rather than putting together a general package.

Maintaining Your PC

If your PC needs change after it’s been built – whether it’s weeks or months afterwards – just come to talk to us and we can recommend changes to make sure your machine still fits your needs. We can also do health checks and data recovery, as well as virus removal and general maintenance to keep your custom PC running perfectly.