Acomputerfield has a range of high quality used laptops and desktops that will increase your productivity and perform equally as well as their ‘brand new’ counterparts. We have been refurbishing and selling used computers for over twenty years. When we consult with you, we will listen to your needs and match you with an ideal model that performs impressively in both functionality and design. We also source used laptops and desktops for businesses.

Benefits of Buying Used Laptops & Desktops

Why should you choose to buy laptops or desktops that are refurbished? Most of our customers who buy second-hand prefer practicality to the temporary high of owning a brand new model. After all, as soon as you unbox something, it decreases in value. While you don’t get the same customisation options as when you purchase a rebuild, you can have a powerful laptop that will meet your needs and save you money.

The Quality of Our Used Laptops & Desktops

When we consult with you, we’ll ask what you intend to use your laptop or desktop for. We can then let you know which specs are needed and source a previously used computer that meets all of these requirements.

We refurbish the finest quality working units. First, we wipe the existing data. Next, we clean and fully upgrade them. Then, we conduct a series of tests which measure them against the strictest standards of functioning and performance.

Our Guarantee

Acomputerfield only sources and sells high-quality laptops and desktops.  Our units each have authentic operating systems and the latest features. They may be used but they are presented to you in perfect physical condition by IT professionals with over twenty years of expertise in corporate and private desktop and laptop refurbishments.

For more information on our used desktops and laptops, contact Acomputerfield by clicking here.