At Acomputerfield, we not only supply you with ink and toner cartridges; we offer to recycle them for you.

What Brands of Ink Do We Supply?

We can source and provide you with the highest quality of ink and inkjet related products. The following are just a few examples of the brands we provide:

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Dell
  • Hewlett Packer
  • Lexmark
  • Sharp
  • Xerox
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Samsung
  • Pitney Bowes

All relevant ink and inkjet products are guaranteed to meet or exceed (OEM) standards for content and quality, and are factory tested. We offer competitive pricing and 24/7 telephone support.  Need help choosing the right laser toner cartridge or ink refill? Contact us for advice and assistance.

What Type of Ink Supplies Do We Provide?

We provide a variety of ink and inkjet products at excellent prices. Order prior to 4:30pm and we can usually have your product by the next business day.

We source several ink products including:

  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Laser toner cartridges
  • Ink refills
  • Compatible ink cartridges
  • Recycled or remanufactured ink cartridges

Ink Recycling Services

The UK uses 65 million ink and toner cartridges per year. Unfortunately, only 15% of them are recycled. Recycling prevents them from ending up in landfills. We are working to improve these figures by making it easier than ever to responsibly dispose of your refills and cartridges.

Simply mail them to us or drop by our Hertfordshire location to recycle them. You can even just hand them to us at our next home visit.

Recycling ink supplies offers several benefits to the environment including:

  • Saving energy
  • Reducing air and water pollution
  • Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conserving the earth’s natural resources

For more information about our ink supply sourcing or recycling practices, please contact Acomputerfield by clicking here.