Acomputerfield offers laptop repairs for a range of issues. We also provide maintenance services such as upgrades, health checks, IT training, and data transfers. Below, please find examples of some of the areas of laptop repair that we specialise in.

Screen Replacement Services

Acomputerfield offers screen replacement and repair services in Hertfordshire at our office location. We recommend backing up your phone or tablet prior to sending it in for repairs.

You can drop off your phone or tablet and we will professionally replace the glass and (when applicable) the digitiser. We can quickly determine whether it’s just the glass that’s broken, or if the LCD panel beneath the glass is damaged as well.

Whether your touch screen glass is chipped, cracked or shattered, we can assist you with fast, effective repair or replacement. Our prices are competitive and we have over a decade of experience in fixing and replacing touchscreens.

Keyboard Replacement

Laptop keyboards can be replaced. You may need replacement if some of the keys aren’t working, the entire keyboard isn’t functioning, or the keys are sticky. Laptop keyboard replacements require steady hands and professional experience. Our access to keyboard parts enables us to replace laptop keyboards for PCs and MACS quickly and cost effectively.

Hard Drive Repairs

Hard drives crash through logical or mechanical failures. Logical failures include accidental deletion or corrupt filing systems (among other reasons), whereas mechanical failures occur through physical damage such as liquid spills, fire, or dropping a laptop. We can replace hard drives, re-install the operating system and transfer data (as long as it’s available).

If not, we can use our own in-house data recovery software.  If this fails to recover your data, you may choose to use our third-party data recovery service, which can make hard drive repairs in their static-free ‘clean room’. This includes fixing the drive and recovering your data.

Data Transfers

Data transfers occur when information is sent from one component of a computer or device to another. Acomputerfield fixes data transfer problems such as malfunctioning and slow data transfer rates.

Memory Upgrade

There are a variety of symptoms that indicate a need for a memory upgrade. The most obvious is a ‘low on memory’ or ‘out of memory’ message. Alternatively, it may freeze or experience slow load times. Perhaps you’ve noticed difficulty multi-tasking as multiple operations slow your laptop down considerably.

Lastly, perhaps you’ve noticed that a web page is only displaying a small part of the information on it at a time, or that there are blank spaces in which there is supposed to be data. We offer upgrades for home users and businesses.

Internet Problems

Internet problems can manifest in different ways. You may have trouble connecting your laptop to the internet, or may be experiencing problems sending or receiving emails. Getting connected is essential for homes and businesses these days. We can help with 24/7 support as well as a free visit and consultation. We also offer remote access support, which is especially helpful for individuals who need to get their IT connections sorted during business travel.

Motherboard Repair

Motherboards hold essential components of a computer’s operating system that enable the system to communicate. There are a variety of factors that can threaten a motherboard such as overheating, improperly installed components, faulty connections, incompatible operating systems, air pollution and short circuiting, among others. We can diagnose and repair your laptop’s motherboard efficiently and professionally.

Windows Not Booting

Windows may have difficulty ‘booting’ (or starting up) for a number of reasons including a blown fuse, incorrect voltage, viruses, newly installed memory or hardware, or even using the wrong laptop charger. There are a variety of other factors that result in Windows not starting up. We can help with this issue, both for Windows as well as for other operating systems.

Windows Installation

Acomputerfield can install or reinstall Windows on your laptop quickly and painlessly, either remotely, or by visiting your home or business. You can also drop off your laptop with us. If you already have Windows installed on your laptop, but it’s running slowly or experiencing blue screen errors, frequent crashing or freezing, you may require reinstallation services. In the process, we can remove software that is unnecessary or causing your laptop to slow down.

CD/DVD Driver Problems

If CDs or DVDs are not playing correctly, cannot be read, saved, or written, you may have a CD/DVD driver problem. Other indicators include an error message stating that the CD/DVD ‘cannot be found’, is ‘corrupt or missing’, or ‘isn’t accessible via an assigned drive letter’. We provide diagnosis and repairs for CD/DVD drivers.

USB Repair

Universal Serial Buses (or USBs) help connect a variety of devices to your laptop including printers, mice, external hard drives, and much more. There are typically 2 USB ports on a laptop. USB malfunctioning may be due to a software or a hardware issue. We can make USB repairs or replacements for your personal or business laptop.

We offer a variety of laptop repair services including free initial consultation and guarantee that if it can’t be fixed, you won’t pay a fee. For more information, contact Acomputerfield here.