IT security is more important than ever for homes and businesses. So much of your personal, professional, and vulnerable data goes into your computer on a daily basis. This combined with increasing security threats such as theft, identity fraud and corporate sabotage, makes IT security a priority for everyone.

At Acomputerfield, we provide IT security in a variety of forms including virus removal, spyware removal, anti-virus installation and secure data disposal. By making your home or business computers more secure, we provide you with the comfort of knowing that your personal and professional information is safe from the wrong hands.

Virus Removal

Our virus removal services include virus detection and elimination. Our work doesn’t stop there however! We’ll also install the latest anti-virus software from our partner, BullGuard, which is recommended as number one of the leading anti-virus protection software brands around. They can offer maintenance services in which they provide regular software updates for your home or business computers.

We can ensure the settings are such that it runs weekly virus scans for vulnerabilities, and can set to remember and move to the junk folder all unwanted junk emails. Viruses have become increasingly intelligent and destructive programmes that require professional services. Let us help you to keep your system safe.

Spyware Removal

Spyware removal includes the use of anti-spyware programmes to identify, block and eliminate spyware from your computer.  Acomputerfield professionals are constantly researching and staying abreast of the latest spyware in order to provide you with removal services that are second to none.  Whether it’s your home or business computers, we can provide the removal and updates needed to keep your computer safe from spyware.

Anti-Virus Installation

Anti-virus installation will provide you with the right detection, protection and prevention against malicious malware. There are plenty of anti-virus programmes on the market, but professional installation is key. While we’re there, we can help assess and repair any damage, including data that has been encrypted or removed from your hard drive. Whether you require anti-virus installation for your personal computer, or for a fleet of corporate units at your business, we can help!

We are partners with BullGuard Internet Security, which is a leader in IT security, offering antivirus protection against all types of malware, automatic scans to keep your computer virus-free, performance that doesn’t slow down your computer, and protection from unwanted applications.

Child Security

It’s become more important than ever to protect children from inadvertently being exposed to inappropriate material online.  We can install Net Nanny, which is the #1 rated parental controls software on the market.  It offers features which include an internet filter, a pornography block, time management controls for the number of hours a child is online, a profanity mask, social media monitoring, alerts and reporting, remote administration and preset user profiles.

Secure Data Disposal

We offer secure data disposal at our facilities with machines that destroy hardware into one million pieces, rendering your data unrecoverable.  From USB drives to hard drives, we destroy information that you need to safely and responsibly remove, both for personal satisfaction and secure business practices.

For more information on any aspect of our IT security, please contact Acomputerfield here.