Experienced spyware removal professionals keep on top of the latest innovations in spyware in order to know and protect against the newest spyware threats. At Acomputerfield, we efficiently remove spyware for you, to get you back to your computer tasks quickly and with peace of mind.

What is Spyware?

Spyware are computer programmes that monitor your activities, often without your knowledge.  Types of spyware include adware, tracking cookies, trojans and system monitors.  Early spyware started out as a way to gain information for market research or make sure that usage was following licensing agreements.   It has since also evolved into something much more fraudulent, and often (according to the UK’s Computer Misuse Act), illegal.  For example, one type of spyware monitors keystrokes (also known as keylogging) to lift banking, email, social media and corporate data.  The information can be used for theft, identity fraud or exploitation.

Though most software is installed without your knowledge, there are some types that are legal as long as you are informed of their presence. One example is a website announcing the use of cookies or asking for your consent to use them, which allows a company to legally gather information about your patterns for navigating websites (often for marketing purposes). Another example is a company that uses spyware in its company desktops and laptops, in order to monitor the online habits of its employees.

What are Anti-Spyware Tools?

Anti-spyware tools are software programmes meant to counteract computer spyware. Professional spyware removal detects spyware, blocks and removes it. These tools require regular updates in order to maintain effectiveness.

Our Spyware Removal Services

Professional spyware removal is important because your computer may already have spyware, which makes it more difficult to remove.  Attempts to remove spyware yourself are difficult without experience and skill because spyware techniques can recreate themselves during removal attempts.

A professional can diagnose a spyware presence, especially malevolent spyware, and remove it from your computer safely and effectively.  At Acomputerfield, our professionals have been removing spyware for decades.

For more information on our spyware removal services for your home or business computers, contact Acomputerfield today.