Perhaps your family has a couple of computers and you need to share programs, photos, files or resources. Sharing data between tablets, phones, computers and laptops can be done via the cloud, but some prefer to use their bandwidth more constructively. Let’s face it, RAW images take up a lot of space. Plus, your PlayStation 3 cannot use cloud services. This is where NAS Drive (Network Attached Storage) come in; you get server grade hardware and a reliable, secure network.

In business, having a strong server is crucial; your company computers, departments and even clients need access to a database that is reliable.

Server Builds for Homes and Businesses

Home server builds are becoming more popular than ever. You get to control and store your own data, which is important in an age where data privacy is becoming scarce.

Servers are essential for business operations; their operating system is specialised to run multi-user applications like print servers, calendars, databases, email, messaging, customer relationship software and enterprise resource planning.

Within the company, data can be shared easily and securely via a server build, including files, images, contacts and centralised documents. With private virtual networks, employees can access information from anywhere in which there is WiFi access. The server can back up all of your information on each of your devices as well.

The Benefits of Having a Custom Built Server

Manual server builds give you the hardware you need and the software you want at a price you can afford. This includes modern, dependable file systems, data sharing, and software and hardware resources that offer strong media capabilities and ease of use.

With a bespoke server build, you can run your own email server or even your own version of Dropbox. We can create services that match your requirements, whether it’s for your business or simply to host your own games.

Why Choose Acomputerfield to Build Your Server?

Acomputerfield has always provided honest, friendly and efficient services for an entire range of computer needs at pricing that is cost effective. We can help you decide which type of server will best fit the needs of your family or business by professionally analysing your requirements.

Whether you need remote access for just a few units (ten PCs or fewer), or need a print server and access to a complex database with large storage capabilities, we’ll be able to help consult on and build a system that is ideal for you.

For more information on our server builds, contact Acomputerfield here today.