Virus removal has become something of an art form, as hackers and thieves are increasingly innovative in creating them. We have been working with computers for decades- this includes being present for generations of viruses, understanding how they work and how they’ve evolved into our most recent IT security threats.

This includes an entire timeline of viruses, from the ‘Elk Cloner’ programme in 1981 to the present-day ‘Goner’ virus, which is infecting computers in 17 countries via email at an alarming rate.

What is Virus Removal?

Just to review, a computer virus is a type of malware (or a malicious) programme that infects your computer by replicating itself, without your consent. Viruses are very often destructive and can either be hidden or apparent.

Virus removal occurs when you disinfect a virus from your computer, which can be done manually or by using the correct anti-virus software.  We always recommend professional virus removal in order to minimise damage and prevent reoccurrence.

Why Remove Computer Viruses?

Viruses cause billions of dollars in damage each year, and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The destructive effects of computer viruses include:

  • System failure and replacement
  • System Slow down
  • Theft
  • Data corruption or loss
  • Personal or corporate sabotage
  • Identity fraud
  • They can spread through all attached network devices, unless stopped

The good news is that professional diagnosis, virus removal, anti-virus installation and regular updates can protect your home or business computers from viruses.  There is an entire industry devoted to anti-virus software that offers to protect and remove viruses from computer operating systems. We know what works and what type of security approaches are needed. We can also advise against known malware currently posing as ‘anti-virus’ software; a common ruse in today’s IT security.

How Can We Help With Virus Removal?

We recommend getting professional help with virus removal because viruses can cause more damage when an inexperienced user tries to remove them. We can review your system for security threats, detect and classify any existing viruses, and install the latest anti-virus software that will help protect your home or business computers in the future. With regular maintenance, including anti-virus software upgrades, and consultation on best IT security practices, we can provide you with the security and peace of mind that you deserve.

For information on our efficient, cost-effective virus removal, please contact Acomputerfield by clicking here.