Our PC servicing covers a range of maintenance options including PC supplies, data recovery and computer health checks.

PC Supplies

Need PC supplies? We offer highly competitive pricing on monitors, printers, external hard drives, and more. Place an order for parts prior to 4:30pm, and we can have the items to you the very next day. Few computer supply stores can offer this rate of turnaround for parts.

Additional examples of our PC supplies include:

  • Speakers
  • Ink cartridges
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Web cams
  • Optical drives
  • Surge protectors, and much more.

Data Recovery

Our data recovery services are second to none. We understand that data is critical to business and family life. Unfortunate incidents happen, such as accidentally dropping equipment or deleting files, power surges, malfunctions, fires, viruses, liquid damage, and even professional sabotage. The good news is that data can be recovered by experienced IT professionals.

At Acomputerfield, we’ve been making logical and physical data recoveries for twenty years. The software we use isn’t available on the market; it’s extremely effective at data recovery. In fact, we have recovered information that our competitors have previously labelled as ‘unrecoverable’. We can retrieve data from hard drives, USB drives, external hard drives, and more.  Our staff work in a specialist white room that is entirely static free, in order to prevent further data loss.

Computer Health Check Ups

An important part of PC servicing are the computer checks we run for our home users and corporate clients. By assessing problems early, we can address any issues that would otherwise result in damage. Computer health check-ups include testing for viruses or malware, identifying corrupted folders or files, finding and eliminating temporary unnecessary files, measuring how effectively your hard drive is working and flagging up any software that is outdated.

Once a computer health check is complete, we will give you a full audit and let you know what options exist to correct anything more serious than our standard maintenance provides.

With parts available for next day delivery, first-rate data recovery services and expert computer health checks, our PC servicing will keep your computers running at top capacity. This is good for peace of mind and great for business! For more information on any of our servicing options, contact Acomputerfield here.