Perhaps you aren’t ready to replace your computer or laptop but need more speed and better performance from your home or business computer. We can install and (when necessary) reinstall Windows software while configuring it with the latest updates.


Correct installation is an essential part of a healthy operating system. Our installation services include security updates, the latest drivers, and data backup. Installation can be completed on the same day. At Acomputerfield, the Windows installation process is smooth, quick and entirely painless. It can be done remotely or we can visit your home or business.

For all new builds, we offer ISO set up, data transfer, and all software installation as part of the build.


If your system cannot be rebooted, then we offer Windows reinstallation services. There are a number of symptoms that can indicate a malfunctioning software system. Perhaps Windows is running very slowly or you are experiencing ‘blue screen’ errors. Windows may experience frequent crashing or freezing. It may continuously loop or refuse to boot. The software could also be infected by a virus, or you may simply have too many programs installed at once.

At Acomputerfield, we access the software functioning, which can be done via a cost-free visit and consultation or via remote access assessment, which can be implemented anywhere in which a customer has a working WiFi network.

Included in our reinstallation services are complete data back up, anti-virus protection software, all drivers, the newest Security updates, and file restoration. We can remove unnecessary software and ensure that Windows is running at peak performance.

Acomputerfield has over twenty years of experience in computer repair, both privately and for large corporate organisations. Whether it’s your home computer or hundreds of business desktops that you need to get up and running with the latest software, we can help. Our prices are competitive and we only charge a fee when the problem is fixed.

For more information on any of our computer repair, build, parts replacement, IT training or business support, contact Acomputerfield today.