Overheating is by far the largest threat to your laptop. Acomputerfield can help repair a laptop that overheats, improve its performance, and extend its lifespan.

About Laptop Overheating

Laptops overheat when the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is unable to be sufficiently cooled by components designed for this purpose. Typically, the CPU is cooled by an aluminium or copper metal conductor (known as a heat sink) and a fan that regulates airflow.

Symptoms that may indicate overheating include:

  • Laptop slows down gradually (reduced performance)
  • Laptop fan constantly runs at maximum speed
  • Laptop software shuts down suddenly (a safeguard to prevent damage)

Reasons for Overheating

Laptops can overheat when dust and dirt block the exhaust ports or intake grills as well as when the thermal compound dries out. Laptops will protect themselves with built-in CPUs, GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) and chips that will slow down the operating speed and eventually switch off the system in order to prevent damage.

Laptop Repairs for Overheating

Acomputerfield will diagnose and resolve the issues that are causing your laptop to overheat. We will carefully clean the fan (or fans) of any dust or debris that is slowing them down by blocking the air flow. This involves carefully opening up the laptop in our sterile, static free workshop with professional tools and cleaners. We have over twenty years of experience repairing laptops that have overheated.

There are a lot of manuals and online instructions for self-diagnosing and cleaning your laptop. We would not recommend that you try this unless you are a professional. Mistakes such as allowing the fan to revolve in the wrong direction, reconnecting the laptop before the cleaner has evaporated, or misapplication of thermal grease between the CPU and heat sink, can cause additional damage.

Preventing Laptops from Overheating

The best way to prevent your laptop from overheating is to keep it on a flat surface. Uneven surfaces disrupt the flow of air into the laptop. This includes pillows, blankets, or even your lap. There are plenty of laptop holders and lap stands available on the market, but simply using a flat tray will help to prevent overheating.

For more information about laptop overheating, or about any of our computer repairs, contact Acomputerfield today.