Our highly trained technicians, who have over twenty years of corporate IT experience, complete our hard drive repairs in both Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Why Repair Your Hard Drive?

You don’t always need to replace a hard drive. It’s worth it to let us take a look at your computer and determine (in a cost-free consultation) what can be done. Hard drive repair is a specialised area of IT that demands the experience of a trained professional.

Repairs that are professionally implemented will last, without causing additional problems and expense. Our goal is to get your hard drive in mint working condition as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We’ve repaired hard drives and have recovered data larger organisations had diagnosed as ‘unrecoverable’. That’s because we work patiently and professionally on the problem with the same care and attention that we would give our own hard drive.

Potential Issues with Your Hard Drive

  • Disk head damage
  • Motor damage
  • Problems with the controller board
  • Problems with the printed circuit board (PCB)

Sometimes problems are easy to determine through outward telltale signs. For example, if the PCB has been damaged (perhaps through overheating), then you will notice a scorch mark. Other times there won’t be any immediate visual indicators of the damaged components.

Hard Drive Replacement

There are a couple of reasons in which you may need to replace your hard drive.  The first reason for replacement is hard drive failure. The second reason for hard drive replacement in order to upgrade it, (to increase your speed or hard drive capacity).  For either instance, we can replace the hard drive, reinstall the operating system, and, if available, we can reinstall the data.

Our Equipment and ‘White Room’ Tech Workshop

At Acomputerfield, we use the latest equipment and technology to repair your hard drive. We have specialist white room access in the instance that your hard drive would need to be rebuilt. This static free environment is necessary as static particles are one of the surest ways to erase your hard drive.

Our replacement parts are new and identically matched to each hard drive. Whether you are in need of repair or a complete rebuild, we can advise you on the best solution for your home or business hard drive.

For more information on our no fix, no fee, and no call out charge hard drive repair services, contact Acomputerfield here.